As of today, oolo is officially a member of the AppsFlyer family. While this marks the culmination of many months' work, in truth it's only just the beginning.

Of course anytime an announcement like this is made, it's big news for all involved. In this case, it also stands out as a point of contrast in an otherwise sluggish economy. Once commonplace, nowadays these sorts of announcements are fewer and further between. The fact that this happened in today's economic climate reflects a great deal of confidence both in the health of AppsFlyer's business and the strength of oolo's technology.

The fact that this deal came together between two Israeli companies in the midst of a war and unprecedented uncertainty, serves as proof positive of the new rallying cry of Israeli tech — "we deliver, NO MATTER WHAT!"

Still, what makes this announcement most noteworthy is what it means for digital marketers and ad publishers. It means that the industry's premier attribution and measurement platform will now be home to the industry's best interpretive analytics and decision-making technology. 

What Are Interpretive Analytics and Why Do They Matter?

Until recently, the challenge for most businesses was combining and normalizing different data sources so that the result would be accurate and accessible. These days, aggregation is par for the course, with the most significant value seen (literally) in the form of visualization; the goal being to make data more approachable and more easily digestible. 

oolo-leads-the-next-gen-of-prescriptive-analytics-tools-for-publishersNow, market leaders are moving beyond visualization to push for more efficient, scalable, and insightful forms of data interpretation. Closing the gap between visualization and interpretation represents a giant leap forward. We're not just asking machines to collect and transform our data, but to understand it and make sense of it.

Interpretation is complex and messy work that relies as much on inductive reasoning as deductive reasoning — which is why it’s been left to humans for so long. It's also why interpretive analytics hold so much value. Opening this type of work to machines — that don’t get tired, don’t make mistakes, aren’t limited by scale, and can work around the clock is a game-changer.

Interpretive analytics, also known as cognitive analytics, automatically highlight key areas of interest — painting a clear and coherent picture of what's happening and why it matters — directing users to any necessary follow up.  In other words, it gives you everything you need to make the best possible decisions at the earliest possible times.

An example of specialized artificial intelligence, interpretive analytics rely on a combination of machine learning algorithms and deep learning models. That provides the foundation for further construction — guided by context-specific mapping of the relationships between data metrics, dimensions, and business outcomes.

In this way, the technology is able to define patterns, detect their deviations, contextualize their impact, and connect any significant event back to the available levers of control and their payback probabilities.

Why AppsFlyer? Why oolo? Why Now?

For oolo, joining forces with AppsFlyer makes it possible to go much further much faster bringing our business-transforming technology to the four corners of the planet.

For AppsFlyer, oolo's technology puts the company in position to define the new normal of how work is done and decisions its place as the standard-setter for data operationalization and business enablement.

For digital marketers and ad publishers, this gives them a one-stop-shop for all their data measurement and analysis needs. Even more significantly, it pushes the envelope on the granularity of optimization, the automation of workflows, and the speed of operations. 

The combined offerings of AppsFlyer and oolo promise to at once eliminate all data blindspots and illuminate all data goings on with deep performance insights. For users, it will form a digital command and control center that automatically contextualizes and interprets data at every level of granularity analyzing both performance and market trends in real time, with holistic perspective and 360° observability. (2)

Clarity of Purpose and Purity of Mission

oolo was founded on the idea that technology should not just help people do more, but make things better and easier. Our mission is to free office workers from burdensome and tedious data work, while at the same time improving observability and outcomes.

For its part, AppsFlyer’s mission is to push marketing forward through improved privacy, measurability, collaboration, and decision-making — helping brands around the world accelerate growth and achieve success in a hyper-competitive space.

Merging these two missions will make each more credible in its own right, as either one can be seen as the natural extension of the other. In that sense, a deal like this is significant as much for the vision it represents as for the capabilities it delivers; and in this case, both are substantial.

Even though the dust is yet to settle, we're confident that this move will go down as a masterstroke. It will be remembered as a turning point when the industry first realized that they need no longer accept the routine hassles and inefficiencies that "come with the territory." There is an alternative.

With that realization, there'll be no going back. And we're very excited to lead the industry forward. It's sure to be a fun and fascinating transition!

Contact us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about the oolo  by AppsFlyer offering »

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